Know Your Traffic Rules And Avoid A Ticket

Taking a road trip is lots of fun. Nothing beats the sense of freedom you feel when you get on the road and start driving. It feels absolutely amazing. A road trip across the United States can also leave you with a ticket if you aren’t careful to pay attention to all the rules of the road.

One of the most common things travelers get ticketed for on the road is speeding, said The speed laws vary from state to state, so once you hit the border, things can rapidly change. There are often patrol officers lurking around state lines just for this reason. They are just waiting to give you a ticket. The tickets aren’t cheap either.

Nothing feels worse or starts your trip off with a negative feeling than getting slapped with a ticket as soon as you cross state lines. It is crucial that you pay attention to any changes in the speed limit so you don’t get pulled over. If you are using a GPS unit, it will often let you know when conditions change.

Another thing you want to be aware of is cell phone use. The laws vary from state to state concerning cell phone use in the car and you should be aware of them if you don’t want to end up with a costly ticket. Before you break out your cell phone and start making calls while you drive, check to see if this is allowed.

The best policy is just to drive with a hands free device and avoid texting while you are driving altogether. This will ensure your safety and ensure that you don’t get a ticket. Whatever you decide, you will want to make sure that you know what the cell phone rules are in each state before you use your phone.

You can also get tickets for things like turning right on a red light if the state doesn’t allow it. This type of rule also changes from state to state. You should also find out about the rules for making left turns. Some states allow you to move into the intersection, while this move will get you a ticket in a different state.

The rules of the road can be confusing and complex, but if you take your time and make sure you know what they are, your trip should be smooth.

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