As much as the world seems to get smaller and smaller by the day, the good thing is that there are a million new things that occur and it could be just perfect to get new experiences. We have listed 50 extraordinary destinations for you, with the help of writers, travel agents and local experts. These destinations are listed based on the new trends and industry news worldwide, and they are definitely places that are actually changing the way people do their traveling today.

2015 can take you more and more places; in China, the Panda capital of Chengdu, has attracted millions of travelers. There is a no-visa 72-hour policy which is new and has been well embraced, and also the increasing number of hotels that are opening like the Swire’s Temple House among many others. Meanwhile in Japan, there is the new Hokkaido’s Niseko United resort, where you can find all sorts of wonderful deals.

There are many others in the United States, and you will get surprised at what is available to you. In the U.S., we listed about 12 incredible destinations. They include Miami and its amazing Mid-Beach that have flooded the state, Houston and the sweet food scenes that are cheap and affordable, among many others. The latest is one incredible Museum Hotel that will soon open up in Durham, NC.

People travel with different reasons, and they are free to choose wherever they want to go. What inspires where you want you end up depends on an individual. We however have a 12month plan for you, and it is a list of places worth a visit. You will not be disappointed.